Archives: January2010

  • How Sweet Is It?

    As someone who constantly finds himself on the go, I am always on the lookout for products that are easy to make and make me feel like I’m actually eating food and not junk out of a bag (i.e. chips, cookies and candy — stuff I LOVE to eat, but can leave you feeling a bit… I don’t know… unsatisfied). Enter a tub o’ shredded pork. 

  • ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ Just Got Way More Serious

    A friend of mine recently received the new Wheaties FUEL cereal in the mail and chose to pass it along to me. I think he was afraid of the box. And for good reason:

  • Not Quite A Fiesta

    Hello everyone and welcome to the first-ever posting here at A Case of the Munchies.  Here we will bring to you from all corners of the supermarket and beyond all manner of food from off-the-shelf timesavers to “hey did you hear about this?” nuggets. As I was browsing the aisles this weekend for the subject of our first post, I stumbled upon one of those timesavers that actually looked promising.  It seems that the Chi-Chi’s brand has taken another step […]