Bloody Interesting

Before I even begin to try to describe the item in question, I think it’s better to just let the picture speak its own thousand words.

Found this little gem over at, and unlike most foodstuffs, the packaging here does a lot of talking:

I love the fact that there are microwaving instructions because it’s recommended to be consumed at 98.6 degrees.  The packaging is just completely over-the-top and yet utterly appropriate for a product such as this.  Amazingly, it’s not tied to any particular sect of the renewed vampire craze (like Twilight, True Blood or The Vampire Diaries), it stands as an entity all its own.

The first thing you need to get over when deciding if you really want to try this stuff is the mixture of the packaging itself and the color/consistency of the stuff.  The packaging is about as authentic as you can get to a blood pack.  And the drink itself does have the blood color down PERFECTLY.  Now when pouring and swishing in a clear mug (you can’t nuke it in the bag), it’s not quite as thick as real blood, but it’s close enough to gross out just about anyone.

If you can get past all that, the first thing you notice is the rather strong and unusual fruit punch odor.  That’s right, despite it’s appearance, this thing is a fruit-punch flavored energy drink.  It’s also worth noting that this stuff must be right in line with a Red Bull because with a paltry 3.4 oz per serving, it really doesn’t take up much room in a microwaveable container.

:14 later, and the drink was ready to go.  After nuking, the fruit punch aroma was stronger than ever.  Whether due to the strength of the smell or just the idea of tipping a mug o’ blood into my mouth, the process of pouring the drink from the mug to my gullet seemed to take an eternity.

The taste went right along with the smell, which was probably the most disappoint aspect of the whole experience.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had enough nose bleeds in my life to be able to count my blessings that it didn’t taste like actual blood.  The problem though was that the flavor  was almost like choking down Jell-O powder before you’ve had a chance to dilute it.  It wasn’t that the drink was too sweet… far from it.  Instead, the fruit punch flavor was too potent to make the drink enjoyable.

Overall, Blood Energy Drink is great as a novelty, and a fantastic way to make people around you unbelievably sick.  The packaging is dirtied up to include bloody fingerprints, so these would be great to carry at your next Halloween party or gettogether of Vampire enthusiasts.  But if you’re looking for a tasty beverage to be your life’s blood… you might want to consider something in the tea variety instead.

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