Author: Lauren

  • Pecan Sandies, TBS and Popsicle Sticks

    I think I’ve been giving Pecan Sandies undue credit. See, I’ve always thought of Pecan Sandies as being delicously crumbly little bits of heavenly goodness… but a recent experience has left me questioning whether my tastebuds have been wearing blindfolds for the past two decades, or whether the good little elves at Keebler have changed up their recipe. (Do skyrocketing sugar prices exist in elf world, too?)

  • Coconut M&M’s Are So Last Summer… Or Are They?

    I’ve always been slightly behind the times. I’m typically the last person to hear a new song, for instance, and I’m almost always 1-5 years behind the crowd in terms of having the latest electronic gadgets. Hell, I just got an iPod 6 months ago. (Yes, just your basic, I-should-have-gotten-this-five-years-ago iPod. Pathetic.) Anyway, it’s just the way I am, and I’ve accepted it. But when I recently stumbled across a package of Coconut M&M’s while rushing into a deli on […]

  • ‘The Breakfast of Champions’ Just Got Way More Serious

    A friend of mine recently received the new Wheaties FUEL cereal in the mail and chose to pass it along to me. I think he was afraid of the box. And for good reason: